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New library 'rojure' for Clojure<->R interop

New Clojure library ‘rojure’ released

I am proud to announce the first version of “rojure”, a R-Clojure bridge using clojure.core.matrx and clojure.core.matrix.dataset for data exchange between R and clojure.

Is is a continuation of the ‘rincanter’ project.

but replacing the dependency to “incanter” and its data structures with dependencies on “core.matrix”.

So the name change from rincanter to rojure was needed.

The code is now completely independent from incanter, but can be of course used from incanter (> 1.9.0) as well.

The first version is released on clojars: https://clojars.org/rojure

The code is available on GitHub : https://github.com/behrica/rojure

As it is only a small modification from rincanter, it should be rather stable already.

I welcome every type of commnents in the issues: https://github.com/behrica/rojure/issues